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About the project

What is Clever Magazine?

Clever Magazine is an independent nonprofit digital media project based in Switzerland. Through exploring academic excellence around the world, our aim is to unite academia, alumni, students and parents worldwide who are interested in receiving reliable information about first-class education in the UK, the USA, Switzerland and beyond. Whether you already reside, work, or study in these countries or are contemplating the opportunity of moving there, we are here to cater to your educational needs.

Clever Magazine’s team is passionate about education and believes in its power to change the world. Our mission is to connect, educate and empower the current and next generation of leaders, and to inspire a mindful lifestyle of lifelong learning and intellectual development.

We keep our readers updated about the most important issues that concern all aspects of education in the mentioned countries, introduce them to interesting people from the leading educational institutions of the world, provide advice, expertise and inspiration.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering authentic content. At Clever Magazine, we are privileged to have a team of exceptional contributors who bring their first-hand experience of living and studying abroad at the world's leading educational institutions.
Each contributor on our team has a unique story to tell, having personally experienced the educational systems in Switzerland, the UK, the USA, or other renowned destinations. They have gained knowledge from prestigious schools, universities, and educational programs, making them well-equipped to provide valuable insights and authentic perspectives.

Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, ensuring a comprehensive range of expertise. Whether they have studied sciences, humanities, arts, business, or any other discipline, they contribute their insights to help our readers gain a well-rounded understanding of the educational opportunities.

Because we believe in the power of genuine experiences, we have the team of professional photographers. This approach ensures that all the pictures featured on our webpages, Instagram and other official accounts are taken exclusively for Clever Magazine, providing our readers with an accurate representation of the educational landscapes we explore.

We commit to assist our readers in making informed decisions regarding their education journey. Whether you are seeking information about renowned schools, universities, or educational programs, Clever Magazine is your trusted resource for navigating the educational landscape.