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Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Clever Magazine, Independent Education Consultant, Associate Coach of the International Coach and Trainer Association, Member of the European Digital Education Hub of the European Commission, EdTech Expert, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Kristina is an expert in first-class education, an education consultant, coach and mentor with an extensive ten years’ consulting expertise in the field. She also advocates for mental health awareness and mindfulness.

Over the years, she has helped more than 500 students to prepare and enroll into the best educational institutions of the world. Kristina is passionate about education and believes in its power to change the world.

One of Kristina's primary areas of expertise lies in providing valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of studying abroad. She offers a comprehensive overview to students and parents, equipping them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about pursuing education in foreign countries.

Kristina's mission is to provide reliable and authentic information about top-tier educational institutions, and to connect, educate and empower those who aspire to embark on the path towards their dreams.

Kristina holds a Master's degree in Economics, International Relations, and Philosophy from Prague University of Economics and Business, has completed a range of courses in Psychology, Counselling and Coaching at the University of Oxford, and is starting her second Master's degree at the University of Cambridge in September 2024. She is based in Switzerland.
Head of Marketing at Clever Magazine, Digital Marketing Creator, former Global Social Media Manager Assistant at L'Oréal headquarters in Paris, France
Anna's educational journey was a bright one: she began her path in England as an A-level student at a boarding school and continued in Prague with a Bachelor's program in Business Administration and Marketing. During those transformative years, Anna ventured into the exciting realms of communications and marketing. Later she moved to Spain, where she initiated her blog, and dived into the nuances of digital content and social media strategies.

In 2019 Anna met Clever Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Kristina. Inspired by her passion for education, Anna understood its transformative power. Having experienced the ups and downs of being an international student, she has been inspired to share her insights about education abroad.

Anna's further objective was to align her professional path with L'Oréal, a global beacon in the beauty and cosmetics industry. She relocated to Paris to enrol in a Master’s degree program in Business and Marketing and secured a significant 6-month internship as a Global Social Media Manager Assistant at L'Oréal. She also collaborated with various brands and bloggers worldwide. This tenure provided comprehensive insights into the art and strategy of global brand building on social platforms.

Anna's path eventually converged with Clever Magazine. She profoundly believes in the transformative power of education, and being the Head of Marketing at Clevermagazine, Anna is ready to revolutionise the perception of education and help many people find their unique path.
BSc Neuroscience graduate, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Assistant to Marketing Manager at Clever Magazine
Kirill believes that education is the key mechanism in making the world spin progressively. It is the path the majority of humans must take that shapes them from confused children to active participants of society. It is also the place where children spend most of their time outside of home.

Although generational burdens of outdated thinking can be passed on to our parents, an innovative educational system is what inevitably breaks these deadlocks or inflicts critical reasoning upon young adults. Consequently, it is the system that raises the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

Kirill’s concern is that the educational establishment does this appropriately - inflicting the right morals, manners, skills, and information upon the developing and adaptive mind. According to Singularity University, out of the 200,000 existing universities today, only 300 will remain constructive by the year 2040.

The main challenge for education systems worldwide is the ever-so-quickly developing world, the information, and understanding about which is harder and harder to accumulate into 15 years of class. Kirill’s mission is to build an education system that is adaptive to this rapidly developing world and to start a revolution in the collective perspective of education’s role in society.

Kirill’s motto: the more diverse a community, and the easier the communication between its participants, the faster innovation thrives.
Student of Politics and International Relations at a Russell Group University in London, United Kingdom
A passionate writer and traveller who lived and studied in five countries, and attended boarding schools in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Daria writes articles about education based on personal experience, whether it is studying abroad, learning a foreign language, or diving deep into an unknown culture.

Interesting Fact: Daria is currently writing a gothic novel!

Favourite book: «The Brothers Karamazov», by Dostoevsky, «Rebecca», by Daphne du Maurier, and «Lolita», by Vladimir Nabokov.

Favourite movie: Crimson Peak, 2015

What Daria likes about working for Cleverm Magazine: The creativity Clevermagazine gives in terms of the topics and writing style. For Daria, these two factors are dominant for personal progress.
Student of Neuroscience and Psychology at King’s College London, United Kingdom
Kateryna believes that non-academic development is essential for self-development. Growing up, she learned that ambitious goals are achieved through constant and disciplined hard work which shaped Katya’s aspiration and interest in overcoming obstacles.

Katya speaks five languages, graduated from music and dance schools with honours, and won national competitions in couple ice-dancing. This turned out to be a great growing point leading Katya to her studies at the leading university in London.

Katya’s desire to study neuroscience and psychology is driven by the fact that the modern realities of the world made her think about how the world works. Since people are the main component of the management of this system, she delved into what controls people in the first place. Katya created social start-ups for teenagers focusing on self-development, self-understanding, and understanding the world of art.

Katya believes that her aspiration in neuroscience will allow her to build a strong foundation to contribute to innovative start-ups that solve global challenges, such as Clever Magazine.

BSc graduate, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom, First Class Honours in French and German, Account Executive in Software Sales
Anastasija’s life is underpinned by continuous movement, assessment of possibilities, and new horizons for personal growth. Ethnically Russian, born in Kazakhstan, raised in the Czech Republic, and now living in London - she has adopted different cultures and mentalities, the amalgamation of which shape her personality today.

Living in one of the most diverse and inclusive cities, she soon realised that there is no single formula for success, accomplishments, or fulfilment as they’re all underpinned by cultural and/or personal values. What has proven to be true throughout her encounters with people beyond her academic years is that having the right education is one of the most influential factors determining how much you are valued by society.

Her degree has allowed her to be headhunted by an industry-leading software company where she's successfully been promoted twice over 21 months.

Anastasija advocated for leading by example which is why Clever Magazine’s ethos so closely resonates with her and why she’s on the team to drive the project forward, whilst contributing with her thoughts around the importance of education.

BA Student of Media & Communication at City University of London, United Kingdom
Elizabeth is one of the most successful young content creators of Czech Republic with over 500 000 followers across the platforms. She believes that education is a very important aspect of a person’s prospects. Elizabeth originally graduated from a prestigious Austrian high school in Prague, however, the personality she has become known for started to blossom during a summer spent at TASIS American School in Switzerland and her time there allowed her to meet the most diverse and wonderful people allowed her to further open her mind and take initiative in building her future.

Covid-19 gave Elizabeth a glimpse into her future career, it was during the pandemic that she started to post her videos and build her profiles on social media. Soon after she started to gain followers and, through hard work and consistency, began to make a name for herself in the industry. Once her dream of becoming a content creator became real, she knew she had to pursue her dream of studying abroad in the city of London.

Interesting fact: Elizabeth speaks 6 languages and has executively produced several music videos for various Czech artists.

Elizabeth’s core belief is that clever, capable, and kind people always find their way to each other and through their joined effort and open-mindedness, have the power to change the world.

Head of Art & Fashion Section at Cleverm Magazine, MA in Humanities, Anglo-American University in Prague, the Czech Republic
Angelina is a fashion editor with extensive experience in art and fashion magazines. She believes that fashion education is undervalued and not properly developed and should be given much more attention.

Since her school years, Angelina has dreamed of becoming a fashion editor. In 2016, she moved to the Czech Republic and entered the Faculty of “Journalism & Communications” at the Anglo-American University in Prague. She completed her Master’s degree in “Humanities” at the same university while also studying art history online. She took the “Fashion Journalism” course and became the editor of Cosmopolitan in Kazakhstan. She is now working as an editor at ELLE Kazakhstan.

“There was no such education as “Fashion Journalism.” I had to look for something related, combining general journalism with art history and humanities. It’s been a long journey,” says Angelina. That's why her goal within Clever Magazine is to make the path easier for those who also want to work in the field of art and fashion, but do not know where to start.
Kristina Pospeeva
Graphic & Visual Designer at Clever Magazine, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Kristina is a passionate and dedicated graphic and visual designer based in Amsterdam. Design is not just her profession; it's her love and a way of life. Living in Amsterdam has influenced her work a lot. The city's mix of modern and traditional vibes is a big inspiration for Kristina.

Clever Magazine is one of her most loved and fulfilling projects. It's a project that brings her so much joy, and Kristina loves exploring the endless possibilities of design and creativity through it.

She strongly believes in the significance of education, particularly in an international context. The theme of education abroad is highly relevant in today's world, and Kristina is deeply committed to shedding light on its importance.