On education in Europe and the USA

Angelina Nikonova

Head of Art & Fashion Section at Clevermagazine, MA in Humanities, Anglo-American University in Prague
Angelina is a fashion editor with extensive experience in art and fashion magazines. She believes that fashion education is undervalued and not properly developed and should be given much more attention to.

Since her school years, Angelina has dreamed to become a fashion editor. In 2016, she moved to the Czech Republic and entered the Faculty of “Journalism & Communications” at the Anglo-American University in Prague. She completed her Master’s degree in “Humanities” at the same university while also studying art history online. She took the “Fashion Journalism” course and became the editor of Cosmopolitan in Kazakhstan. She is now working as an editor at ELLE Kazakhstan.

“There was no such education as “Fashion Journalism.” I had to look for something related, combining general journalism with art history and humanities. It’s been a long journey,” says Angelina. That's why her goal within Clevermagazine is to make the path easier for those who also want to work in the field of art and fashion, but do not know where to start.

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