On education in Europe and the USA

Anastasija Usova

BSc graduate, UCL, United Kingdom, First Class Honors in French and German, Account Executive in Software Sales
Anastasija’s life is underpinned by continuous movement, assessment of possibilities and new horizons for personal growth. Ethnically Russian, born in Kazakhstan, raised in the Czech Republic and now living in London - she has adopted different cultures and mentalities, the amalgamation of which shape her personality today.

Living in one of the most diverse and inclusive cities, she soon realized that there is no single formula for success, accomplishments or fulfillment as they’re all underpinned by cultural and/or personal values. What has proven to be true throughout her encounters with people beyond her academic years is that having the right education is one of the most influential factors determining how much you are valued by society.

Her degree has allowed to be headhunted by an industry leading software company where she's successfully been promoted twice over the course of 21 months.

Anastasija advocated for leading by example which is why Clevermanagize’s ethos so closely resonates with her and why she’s on the team to drive the project forward, whilst contributing with her thoughts around the importance of education.

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