On education in Europe and the USA

Elizabeth Kisova

Student of Media & Communication at City University of London, United Kingdom
Elizabeth is one of the most successful young content-creators of Czech Republic with over 500 000 followers across the platforms. She believes that education is a very important aspect to a persons’ prospects. Elizabeth originally graduated from a prestigious Austrian high school in Prague, however the personality she has become known for started to blossom during a summer spent at TASIS American School in Switzerland. Her time there allowed her to meet the most diverse and wonderful people that allowed her to further open her mind and take initiative in building her future.

Covid-19 gave Elizabeth a glimpse into her future career, it was durning the pandemic when she started to post her videos and build her profiles on social media. Soon after she started to gain followers and, through hard work and consistency, began to make a name for herself in the industry. Once her dream of become a content creator came real, she knew she had to pursue her dream of studying abroad in the city of London.

Interesting fact: Elizabeth speaks 6 languages and has executively produced several music videos for various Czech artists.

Elizabeth’s core belief is that clever, capable and kind people always find their way to each other and through their joined effort and open mindedness, have the power to change the world.

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