On education in Europe and the USA

Kirill Delikatnyi

BSc Neuroscience graduate, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Assistant to Marketing Manager at Clevermagazine
Kirill believes that education is the key mechanism in making the world spin progressively. It is the path the majority of humans must take that shapes them from confused children to active participants of society. It is also the place where children spend most of their time outside of home.

Although generational burdens of outdated thinking can pass on to our parents, an innovative educational system is what inevitably breaks these deadlocks or inflicts critical reasoning upon young adults. Consequently, it is the system that raises the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

Kirill’s concern is that the educational establishment does this appropriately - inflicting the right morals, manners, skills and information upon the developing and adaptive mind. According to the Singularity University, out of the 200,000 existing universities today, only 300 will remain constructive by the year 2040.

The main challenge for education systems worldwide is the ever so quickly developing world, the information and understanding about which is harder and harder to accumulate into 15 years of class. Kirill’s mission is to build an education system that is adaptive to this rapidly developing world and to start a revolution in the collective perspective of education’s role in society.

Kirill’s motto: the more diverse a community, and the easier the communication between its participants, the faster innovation thrives.
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