On education in Europe and the USA

Kateryna Abgaryan

Student of Neuroscience and Psychology at King’s College London, United Kingdom
Kateryna believes that non-academic development is essential for self-development. Growing up, she learned that ambitious goals are achieved through constant and disciplined hard work which shaped Katya’s aspiration and interest in overcoming obstacles.

Katya speaks five languages, graduated from music and dance schools with honours, and won national competitions of couple ice-dancing. This turned out to be a great growing point leading Katya to her studies at the leading university in London.

Katya’s desire to study neuroscience and psychology is driven by the fact that the modern realities of the world made her think about how the world works. Since people are the main component of the management of this system, she delved into what controls people in the first place. Katya created social start-ups for teenagers focusing on self-development, self-understanding and understanding the world of art.

Katya believes that her aspiration in neuroscience will allow her to build a strong foundation to contribute to innovative start-ups that solve global challenges, such as Clevermagazine.

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