On education in Europe and the USA

Anna Ushakova

Head of Marketing at Clevermagazine, Digital Marketing Creator, former Global Social Media Manager Assistant at L'Oréal headquarters in Paris
Anna's educational journey was a bright one: she began her path in England as an A-level student at a boarding school, and continued in Prague at a Bachelor's program in Business Administration and Marketing. During those transformative years, Anna ventured into the exciting realms of communications and marketing. Later she moved to Spain, where she initiated her own blog, and dived into the nuances of digital content and social media strategies.

In 2019 Anna met Clevermagazine's Editor-in-Chief, Kristina. Inspired by her passion for education, Anna understood its transformative power. Having experienced the ups and downs of being an international student, she has been inspired to share the insights about education abroad.

Anna's further objective was to align her professional path with L'Oréal, a global beacon in the beauty and cosmetics industry. She relocated to Paris to enrol into a Master’s degree program in Business and Marketing, and secured a significant 6-month internship as a Global Social Media Manager Assistant at L'Oréal. She also collaborated with various brands and bloggers worldwide. This tenure provided comprehensive insights into the art and strategy of global brand building on social platforms.

Anna's path eventually converged with Clevermagazine. She profoundly believes in the transformative power of education, and being the Head of Marketing at Clevermagazine, Anna is ready to revolutionise the perception of education and help many people find their unique path.
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