On education in Europe and the USA

Anna Paskova

Student of International Relations at IE University in Madrid, Spain
Anna is an international student with an insightful awareness of the importance of multicultural understanding in the realm of international relations. Anna has attended multiple schools across the world, starting with the Czech Republic, the United States, and Spain. Currently, she is enrolled in a bachelor degree in IE University, where she is pursuing the degree in International Relations. Studying abroad has allowed Anna to gain insight into different cultures, which allows her to be more understanding of people's thinking processes and biases, which is particularly beneficial in her sphere of interest.

Living and living in such different countries and meeting different people has shaped Anna's personality and allowed her to find a passion in her life, which is why she is interested in spreading the word of the importance of studying abroad, and quality education in general. Education and travelling is beneficial in self-growth, allowing students to learn different languages, make connections from all over the world, learn about themselves and expand their cultural awareness.

Anna believes that the reason why Clevermagazine's message is so important is because it is promoting the exploration of academic opportunities and global perspectives, playing a pivotal role in shaping a generation's future. Through its insights and success stories, Clevermagazine not only encourages educational pursuits overseas but also promotes cultural awareness, open-mindedness and a more connected global community.
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