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Multinationals: How I Discovered My Beliefs Whilst Being Surrounded by People From All Over the World

Our lives, especially in today's world, are characterized by constant interaction, connections, and involvement in various communities. This is the prevailing nature of our modern lifestyle. We find ourselves continuously engaging with new people and immersing ourselves in diverse communities as an integral part of our daily routines. As someone who has never remained in the same environment for an extended period, I have come to appreciate the process of adaptation. What's even more crucial is that, rather than viewing this adjustment process with stress and anxiety, I have embraced it as an opportunity to learn from individuals worldwide, considering each person I meet as a valuable lesson.
It is not only essential to explore our own identities and beliefs but also imperative to preserve our individuality while contributing our unique perspectives to the global community.
In this article, I aim to share some of the lessons I have gathered throughout my experiences of adapting to new environments and how these experiences have led me to discover my core beliefs.
I hail from Ukraine, but my ethnic background is Armenian. Since childhood, I've carried the responsibility of embracing this multi-national identity, requiring me to harmonize and construct my own distinct world that encompasses both aspects. Naturally, any attempt to strike a balance in life comes with its share of challenges and moments of confusion – it's comparable to scales that demand equal weight on both sides to achieve equilibrium. If the equilibrium is disrupted by uneven weight distribution, one side will sag, throwing the balance off-kilter.
As someone who deeply values and respects both cultures and their respective traditions, I have long held the belief that preserving my identity while remaining unique is paramount.
I've always held the conviction that, even though we may share similarities, each person possesses their own special and unique qualities and keeping these pieces of the puzzle that define who you are is very important.
A valuable lesson I've learned through interactions with diverse individuals is the significance of not forcing our own beliefs about what is right or wrong onto others.
Instead, it's more meaningful to share our inner perspectives and learn from the unique insights of others. When encountering people with differing beliefs, priorities, and perspectives, it's important to recognize that this diversity is by design. The purpose of such encounters is to gather new puzzle pieces to enrich our own life's mosaic.

It's essential to acknowledge that your puzzle won't seamlessly fit into someone else's, and vice versa. What I mean to convey is that any information or knowledge shared should first be carefully analyzed and adapted to align with your own worldview and values. By doing so, you avoid mindlessly drowning yourself with an endless stream of information, allowing you to extract the most valuable insights and personal growth, rather than diluting your own beliefs and principles. The same principle applies to our everyday interactions in the online world.

In my journey through life, I've often found myself in situations where conforming to the norms and expectations of those around me seemed like the easy path to take. Many people might have considered going with the flow and adopting the attitudes and behaviors of their peers. However, for me, the notion of forsaking my uniqueness never crossed my mind, nor did I desire such conformity. My commitment to preserving my individuality remained resolute, consistently outweighing any inclination I had to mimic the thoughts or actions of others.

To delve further into this aspect, it's crucial to understand that uniqueness, as I perceive it, is not about striving to be the absolute best or striving to be the sole one-of-a-kind individual in the world. Instead, it revolves around the profound realization that each person, including myself, inherently possesses value and contributes something extraordinary to the world. This awareness serves as a guiding principle in my life, shaping my choices and actions. It strengthens my unshakeable resolve to follow a journey that supports and embraces my uniqueness.
What’s more, this commitment goes hand in hand with a deep-seated belief in the importance of tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their differences.
Understanding that each person brings their own unique perspectives, experiences, and qualities to the table fosters an environment of acceptance and appreciation. It allows me to engage with others with an open heart and mind, embracing the rich tapestry of diversity that defines our world.

Surrounded by a rich tapestry of individuals representing various ethnicities and histories from around the globe, I've found myself on a perpetual journey of introspection and exploration. Observing the way some people passionately share their cultural narratives and values, coupled with their genuine interest in absorbing the worldviews of others, has been a constant source of inspiration for me.

In these encounters, I've come to realize that these individuals possess a unique quality – an innate curiosity about the world and an openness to different perspectives. This genuine interest in cultural exchange and the deep appreciation of diverse backgrounds has left an indelible mark on me.

It was during these moments that a profound realization dawned upon me: I yearned to delve into the history that is intricately woven into my own heritage. It was as if I sought to unearth the roots of my identity, to gain a more profound understanding of who I am and how my personal history has shaped me. This desire wasn't just about acquiring knowledge; it was a profound quest for self-discovery and a way to connect more deeply with my own cultural background.
Is everything as rosy and positive as it might seem? Certainly not, especially in today's world when it comes to interactions among people from different nations, cultures, and religions. We often find ourselves mired in misunderstandings and disputes, largely because, as mentioned before, many of us are more inclined to state our beliefs and opinions rather than engage in a spirit of sharing and learning.

It's undeniable that wars and conflicts have been an unfortunate and recurrent part of our collective history. We are all susceptible to the influences of such events. Personally, I have encountered my fair share of conflicts, and in some instances, even more distressing situations. However, these challenges haven't deterred me from remaining true to myself and preserving my own identity.
When you truly value your inner world and the experiences that have shaped you over time, it becomes difficult for external forces, like propaganda, to easily sway your beliefs.
Your mind can only be influenced if you allow it to be. Every person's story is unique, which means there is no single, straightforward narrative that applies to everyone. Our individuality and complexity make us resistant to one-size-fits-all manipulation.

This inherent complexity and diversity within us serve as a natural defense against attempts to manipulate us with a single, standardized message. So, when you value your inner world and recognize the rich diversity of human experiences, you become less susceptible to one-size-fits-all manipulation. Your individuality and the tapestry of your life experiences are your strengths in preserving your unique beliefs and perspective.